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[ICCEM] 2009 International Conference on Crisis and Emergency Management
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2009 International Conference on Crisis and Emergency Management

Crisis and Emergency Management in Global Society:
Human Dignity, Disaster Victims' Relief, and Climate Change Response

Date : 24(Thu.) - 26(Sat.) September, 2009
Venue :Press Center, Seoul & Pukyong National University, Pusan
Managed by

: International Society for Crisis and Emergency Management

Korean Association for Crisis and Emergency Management

Organized by : Korea Disaster Relief Association
The Research Institute of the Differently Abled Person's Right in Daejeon
Disaster Management Research Institute, the Hope Institute
Safe Korea News
Disaster Focus
Center for Atmospheric Sciences and Earthquake Research
National Crisis and Emergency Management Research Institute, Chungbuk National University
Sponsored by : Pukyong National University, Chungbuk National University
Supported by

:Hyundai Motor Company, A&D Engineering Co., Ltd.


Norio Okada
Participatory and Adaptive Approaches for Integrated Disaster Risk Management

Jae Eun Lee
Global Governance and Social Capital for Crisis and Emergency Management

An Chen
Time and Spatial Scale in Modern Emergency Management

Qiang Zhang & Huan Zhang
Decision?making Dilemma in the Response to Catastrophes: A Case Study of 512 Wenchuan Earthquake

R.H. Kripalani & Jai Ho Oh
Weather and Climate-related Disaster Management in India

Faye W. Stone
Collaborations: Advancing Disaster Preparedness and Response

Hyeon Cheol Moon
A Study on Roles and Problems of the Civil Defence System in National Crisis Management System in Korea

Audrey Heffron-Casserleigh
Psychological Contributions to Political Terrorism at the Individual Actor Level

Jeong Yee Bae & Rosel L. Panuncio
Busan Psychological Support Center for Disaster Victims: History and Accomplishment Report

Janet Dilling
Framing Emergency Management Knowledge Expansion within Current US Academic Curricula

Gun-Ju Kwon & Kyoung-Nam Kim
A Study on Enhancement of Local Disaster Prevention Capacity through Formation of Disaster Free Communities

Sang Hoe Choi
The Ethical and Legal Issues of Live Organ Transplantation in Korea

P. N. Sen &
Jai Ho Oh
Mitigation of the Disaster caused by Earthquakes in India

Sung Soo Byun & Jeong Hwan Bae
An Empirical Analysis of the Conflict Research Trend in the Field of Public Administration
Dohyeong Kim
Saving National Heritage: Cost?Benefit Analysis for Policy Alternatives of Protecting Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in North Carolina

Cheon Jik Bae
Damage Assessment in Natural Disaster : Compare Korea with America

Emmanuel Oritsejafor
Food Security in Sub?Saharan Africa : An Evolving Pursuit

Min Woo Kim
Improvements the Food Safety Legal System to overcome the Crisis of Food Safety

Seong Cho &
Jae Eun Lee
Developing the Policy Alternatives Preparing for the Arson in the Public Facilities

Seong Su Park & Woo Jun Kim
A Study on Narco-Terrorism and Management Plan for Precursors for Drugs in Korea
Jimei LI, Yan Zhao & An Chen
Some Ideas on Future Development of Modern Emergency Management

Dong Kyun Park, Sung Je Cho &
Jea Hyen Soung
Improvement Strategies for Korea's Cyber Security Systems Regulations and Policies

Jeong Hoon Kwon & Dae Woo Park
A Study on the Definition of Terrorism : Focused on Legislative Comparison of Some Nation

Sang Il Ryu &
Jae Eun Lee
A Study on the Establishment of Fire Science: Focused on the establishment of the Theory of Fire Service Policy

En Fang Qiang
Society Rebuilding and Social Innovation in the Response to Wenchuan Earthquake

Chang Kil Lee
Policy Suggestion for Improving the Performance-Based Crisis Management System

Ju Ho Lee
A Study on the Goal-Setting of Financial Investment to Prepare the Natural Disaster in Korea

Hee Cheon Choi
Hebei Spirit Oil Spill Accident: Failed Recovery Phase

Jai Ho Oh, Ok Yeon Kim, Ji Won Kim, Su Min Woo, Sang Ho Lee, & Hun Tae Kim
Study on Proto-type Early Warning System for Busan

Seung Jin Maeng, Man Ha Hwang &
Ick Hwan Ko
Rainfall Runoff Forecasting System for Integrated Water Management in Korea

Huihui Ni &
An Chen
The Process Optimization Mechanism in Modern Emergency Management Based on Bayesian Approach

Ok Yeon Kim, Yoo Rim Jung &
Jai Ho Oh
Recent Changes of Heavy Precipitation and Flood Informaiton System in the Korean Peninsula